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Proper At-Home Care and Maintenance of your hand-tied extensions is absolutely vital to their health and longevity. Appropriate care makes the difference between extensions that last 3 months and those that last 9 months. It prevents matting, shedding, expansion, dryness, and loose seams. Follow these tips carefully to keep your extensions beautiful and long-lasting!


  • Use only professional salon-grade products; we recommend Oribe, Milbon, and Eleven Australia

  • Use a hair mask once a month to replenish moisture

  • Try not to wash too often; we recommend 1-2 times a week. Consider a top wash if needed

  • Take care to rinse products out thoroughly to prevent build-up



  • Again, use only professional salon-grade products; we recommend Oribe, Milbon, and Eleven Australia

  • Always use a moisturizing primer

  • Always use a heat protectant; one while wet, and another while dry

  • Apply a moisturizing oil daily

  • Do not use any products that contain keratin or added protein (ie., bond builders)

  • Always use Invisibobbles instead of normal hair ties


  • Blot hair dry; do not rub towels on the extensions. This causes too much friction

  • When detangling wet hair, start from the bottom and work up, using a wide tooth comb or wet brush

  • Rough blow dry with no brush until mostly dry; too much brushing while hair is wet causes shedding and a loose seam

  • NEVER going to bed with wet hair; this will cause expansion and matting

  • When brushing, get close to the top of the weft, but never brush over the top of the row 

  • Never let hair air dry on its own-- it always needs to be blowdried to prevent matting

DISCLAIMER: Failure to follow these recommendations, resulting in decreased quality of hair extensions installed by Dragonfly Salon, does NOT leave Dragonfly Salon liable​, per Client Extensions Contract signed before installation.


  • Again, NEVER go to bed with wet hair; this can cause expansion and matting

  • Apply moisturizing oil before bed

  • Sleep with hair in a loose braid, loose bun, or low ponytail (using only Invisibobbles)


  • Extensions should NEVER come into contact with chlorine or saltwater

  • If you choose to get them wet in chlorine/saltwater anyways, try to follow these tips to help save the extensions:

  • Before swimming, spray your extensions with water and apply a generous amount of leave-in moisture cream. This will help to prevent absorption of chemicals; applying this barrier will help protect the hair against matting and damage caused by harsh water

  • Shampoo and condition hair immediately after swimming

  • Sunscreen can be extremely damaging to hair extensions. Most brands contain chemicals (Avobenzone, Octocrylene) that will permanently discolor the hair. We suggest using Bare Minerals Sunscreen or Sun Bum Mineral Sunscreen


  • Please leave any hair coloring to a licensed professional. We cannot guarantee the quality of extensions that are not being cared for and treated with professional products

  • Be cautious of blow dry bars; sometimes their technique does not suit extensions, which could cause breakage and slipping of beads. We recommend asking for a stylist that specializes in extensions

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