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We believe that education is neither linear nor static. Whether you have been in the craft for 12 months or 12 years, we believe that there is always room to grow and improve-- especially in our line of work, where new techniques and styles emerge constantly. Because of this, we put a great focus on frequent in-salon and out-of-salon education opportunities for our stylists and our partners alike.



Our partnership opportunity consists of training with three highly trained mentors that have 50 years of combined experience-- and that's not to mention the rest of our staff, all of which are highly knowledgable in the industry. As a partner, you will be deeply involved with the every day life of the salon, which will provide real career experience. You will have hands-on training sessions, as well as opportunities to take on your own clients. Over a 12-month period, our partners are trained full-time, rotating between our three mentors. The purpose of this is to provide variety and an extensive knowledge of techniques at the end of the partnership. We also allow partners and their mentors a chance to reflect on what they have learned from each other each week in the form of a questionnaire, therefore allowing for uniquely "YOU" education and progress. Overall, Dragonfly will assist you in not only learning the trade, but building your own business. 






Contact Dragonfly Salon by phone or e-mail today to inquire about continuing your cosmetic and business education!



"I had taken another apprenticeship before Dragonfly, which I think is necessary for the learning experience of becoming a cosmetologist. But as soon as I came to Dragonfly, I realized that their apprenticeship program was perfect for me because it was one-on-one. I was able to get all the benefits with working with one stylist at a time. I soon picked up all of the stylists' good habits without even realizing it. The apprenticeship program just showed me the love I have for people and for cosmetology."


"Straight out of beauty school, I knew I wasn't ready for the real world; I knew I needed to further my education before sitting a client and doing a start to finish. Dragonfly Salon was the first salon I was interested in and from the first moment I stepped in, I was in LOVE and knew that this was the place to continue my education. Each mentor I had were the best; they individually taught me different techniques and styles they specialized in themselves. I was a part of multiple in-salon and out-of-state classes, like Cosmoprof shows. I learned and had so many experiences in just one year of being there! I am now my own small business owner and I can honestly say Dragonfly Salon is a big part of my success. I still to this day reflect back on a lot of the things each of the ladies taught me, and will be forever grateful to have been part of their partnership program."


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